The mission of White Dove Productions is to promote music with lyrics that inspire compassion, empathy, encouragement, enlightenment, healing and hope.

Renew the Face of the Earth Vol. 2

Product Type: Song Book

WE COME TOGETHER as sisters and brothers in Christ for a musical journey that guides us through a personal and communal renewal.

The words of the songs in this album speak of increasing our awareness of the POWER AND MIGHT of the Holy Spirit working in and through our lives. From this awareness we find ourselves called to a life of discipleship and proclaim I'LL FOLLOW JESUS, acknowledging that we share the mission of our Lord. In reaching out to the broken hearted, we come to understand that Jesus cried EVERY TEAR WE CRY. This understanding helps us persevere during tough times and to confidently state that NOTHING CAN COME BETWEEN us and our love of Jesus. Forsaking our ways we humbly say NOT MY WILL but Thine be done and surrender our lives declaring, I GIVE MY LIFE. Never wavering, our light shines through the windows of a house NOT BUILT BY HUMAN HANDS, revealing God's flaming power within us. To keep this flame burning, we COME TO THE TABLE to partake in the food we need for our spiritual journey. Lifted up in the body of Christ, we boldly state, I COMMIT MY LIFE TO YOU. Ever willing to serve our Lord, we ask to be made whole in His sight and plead, HEAL ME LORD. Finally, in awesome wonder we see God's gift within us, a HOLY MYSTERY!

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