The mission of White Dove Productions is to promote music with lyrics that inspire compassion, empathy, encouragement, enlightenment, healing and hope.

Renew the Face of the Earth Vol. 1

Product Type: Song Book

We begin our musical journey of personal and communal renewal by realizing how God values, loves and cherishes us and we sing out in joy, LORD, WE'RE SO PRECIOUS TO YOU. Though we often do things that are unworthy of this love, Jesus will always defend and forgive us, assuring that NOT ONE STONE will be thrown. Just as we are loved by God as individuals, we are also loved as family and we prayerfully ask our gracious Father to MAKE US A FAMILY that shines with God's love. ALL YOU THAT BELIEVE are called as a faith community with each person in that community realizing the truth in the words of the song, IT FIRST MUST BEGIN WITH ME. As a faith community, we proclaim that GOD IS OUR HOPE.

Our response to God's call to us as an individual, as a family, as a community of faith, involves choices, challenges and risks. We make our choices with confidence because we know that HE'LL CALM THE WINDS that may otherwise blow us off course. When we fall short in our desired relationship with God, we cry out LORD, HERE I AM and ask for help in following God's call. Like the prodigal son, we come to know the unconditional love of the Father and prayerfully sing, YOUR FAITH LOVE. We accept Jesus into our life, knowing the He has saved us by His death on the cross and we boldly affirm our salvation by declaring, YES, LORD, I do believe. Through that belief, our hearts are opened and our eyes can see the salvation that is ours. Finally, in total commitment, we pray, SPRIT OF LIGHT, wash over me, RENEW MY LIFE and Renew the Face of the Earth!

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