Words and Music by Norma Catherine and Rev. Michael Semana                                                                                                                                                           (From John 14:1-15)



I am the way

The truth and the life

Knowing Me is knowing God

Who that believes

The words I have spoken

Will know that I am the key

Will know that I am the key



Do not worry

Don’t be troubled

Trust in God, trust in Me

I’ll go ahead

Prepare a place for you

No one comes to God except by Me



Go out and share

(The) good news I gave you

Believe in me, do what I do

Ask in My name

Your prayers will be answered

Your pleas will not be in vain

Your pleas will not be in vain



You have the Word

The sword of the Spirit

To proclaim good news to all

Know that through Me

There’s power within you

The Word that sets captives free

My Word will set captives free





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