The mission of White Dove Productions is to promote music with lyrics that inspire compassion, empathy, encouragement, enlightenment, healing and hope.

Our Prayer


NEW! Many of our customers have contacted us recently asking us to post lyrics in order to enhance the message of the song. We've listened to your needs and have posted the lyrics on this page. Just click on the song title name to open the lyrics in a new window. (note: you may have to allow pop-ups from this site or disable your pop-up blocker)

If you need these for commercial purposes, please respect the hard work and legal copyrights of the artists who contributed their time and money to making this music and buy the songbooks.

Renew the Face of the Earth, Vol. 1:

1. Lord, We're So Precious to You
2. Not One Stone
3. Make Us a Family
4. All You That Believe
5. It First must Begin with Me
6. God is our Hope
7. He'll Calm the Winds
8. Lord Here I Am
9. Your Faithful Love
10. Yes, Lord
11. Spirit of Light
12. Renew My Life

Renew the Face of the Earth, Vol. 2:

1. We Come Together
2. Power and Might
3. I'll Follow Jesus
4. Every Tear We Cry
5. Nothing Can Come Between
6. Not My Will
7. I Give My Life
8. Not Built by Human Hands
9. Come to The Table
10. I Commit My Life to You
11. Heal Me Lord
12. Holy Mystery

Renew the Face of the Earth, Vol. 3:

1. Are You Ready?
2. Tell All the World
3. I Cry Out the Good News
4. Gather Together
5. Except By Me
6. Renewed
7. In Your Compassion
8. I Give You Thanks
9. I Go to The Rock
10. Walk the Walk
11. Renew Prayer to Mary
12. Prayer for Renew